Managed Cluster Pricing

With our Managed Cluster plan, we manage your Pulsar instance running on your infrastructure. You provide us with remote access to a Kubernetes cluster within your cloud account (GCP, AWS, and Azure). We can also support other cloud providers and private Kubernetes clusters as long as it is a Kubernetes Certified offering and you can provide remote access.


The Managed Cluster plan is charged as a percentage of the estimated monthly infrastructure costs (compute and storage), similar to how cloud providers charge for support. For this calculation, we use the publicly listed on-demand prices for the cloud provider. Based on the estimated monthly infrastructure cost, we charge 35% of that amount monthly, which includes installation, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and support of that Pulsar instance. There is a minimum charge of $600 a month.

For example, if we are managing Pulsar running in a 6-node Kubernetes cluster with 1 TB of combined storage, we estimate the monthly cost of that and then charge a percentage. So, if the infrastructure costs are $2000 USD a month, then we charge $700 USD a month.  

Non-Core Clouds and Private

For cloud providers not on our core supported list (GCP, AWS, and Azure) and private Kubernetes cluster, we calculate the estimated infrastructure cost based on an equivalent setup in AWS in a nearby region. We also charge an additional one-time account setup fee of $500 USD.


We only re-evaluate the estimated infrastructure cost at the contract creation/renewal. So, if you sign a long term contract, the price is fixed for the duration of the contract regardless of changes in the estimated infrastructure cost.

For example, if you sign a 6-month contract with pricing based on a 6-node Kubernetes cluster and over the course of the contract because of demand you need to expand to a 12-node setup, there are no fee adjustments. Of course on renewal, the price would be based on the 12-node setup, but for the duration of the contract, the price is fixed.


The Gold support plan is included in the managed cluster plan. The Platinum support plan can be added to approved configurations for an additional 5% charge. For details on our support plans, go here.

Pricing effective as of February 1, 2020.