Kafkaesque delivers streaming and queuing powered by Apache Pulsar through Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Kafkaesque’s service gives customers the ability to easily use Apache Pulsar on Google Cloud Platform

Ottawa, Canada, January 9, 2020 —Kafkaesque, the streaming and queuing company, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (GCP Marketplace), providing customers with a single service that combines the streaming capabilities of pub-sub messaging with the message queuing capabilities of a traditional message broker.

GCP Marketplace lets users quickly integrate with SaaS offerings while using Google Cloud Platform. Customers can easily set up and configure SaaS offerings that are billed along with the other services they are already using on Google Cloud Platform.

GCP customers can visit the Kafkaesque Marketplace page to get started for free.

“With the integration of Kafkaesque with GCP Marketplace, Google Cloud users can easily get started using our combined streaming and queuing service with just a few clicks and have charges consolidated to their Google Cloud account. Our collaboration with Google Cloud means that Google Cloud users have easy access to the increasingly popular open-source Apache Pulsar messaging platform,” said Chris Bartholomew, Founder of Kafkaesque.

Learn more about Kafkaesque at https://kafkaesque.io or sign up for the Free plan on GCP Marketplace.

About Kafkaesque

Kafkaesque offers real-time streaming and queueing services powered by Apache Pulsar. With our expertise in both Apache Pulsar and cloud computing, your development team can build modern data-intensive applications without having to worry about operating and managing the data movement infrastructure.

For more information on Kafkaesque, send us an email at contact@kafkaesque.io or call us at +1 614 503 7032.