Kesque Adds Azure Support for Apache Pulsar

At Kesque, we are committed to expanding our managed Apache Pulsar service. So we are happy to announce that we now support Microsoft Azure for all our plans, from Free up to our Private and Managed Cluster plans. You can learn more about all our plans here.

If you want to check out Azure, you can sign up for a Free plan and start using Apache Pulsar in the US Central (Iowa) region in about a minute. Speaking of our Free plan, it now gives you a choice of 5 data centers, across the big 3 cloud providers (AWS, GCP, and Azure):

  • AWS US West 2 (Oregon)
  • AWS EU Central 1 (Frankfurt)
  • Azure US Central (Iowa)
  • GCP US East 1 (South Carolina)
  • GCP Asia East 2 (Hong Kong)

Those are just the Free plan data centers. If you are looking for a paid plan, we can do lots more. In fact, we can support most regions in AWS, Azure, or GCP region. Just contact us for the details.

Whole-Cluster Apache Pulsar Now in Azure Too

We get asked a lot about our whole-cluster Apache Pulsar plans. Those are now supported in Azure too. With our whole-cluster plans, you get full use of an Apache Pulsar cluster, but you don’t have to bother with monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades because we take care of all of that. All Pulsar features (multi-tenancy, functions, IO connectors, schema registry, tiered storage) are available on our whole-cluster plans.

We actually have two whole-cluster options, depending on who you want to host the Pulsar cluster. If you want us to host your Apache Pulsar cluster, then you want our Private plan. With the private plan, you get full access to an Apache Pulsar cluster. We will set it up in the cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP) and region of your choice (some restrictions apply) in our cloud account. We then use VPC peering to provide private access to it from within your cloud account.

If you want your Apache Pulsar cluster closer to home, we can install it in your cloud account in your VPC. This is our Managed Cluster plan (you’ll have to grant us some permissions, of course). Everything runs in your cloud account, but we monitor and maintain it for you. All the convenience of a managed service without leaving your own cloud account.

We custom design the whole-cluster plans (Private and Managed Cluster) to meet your needs. You pick and choose what features you want to be enabled, and we will set it up for you. If you are interested in a Private or Managed Cluster plan, contact us for a quote.

More Coming Soon

We are working hard on expanding our Apache Pulsar capabilities. We think Apache Pulsar is great, which we explain here and here, and remain committed to providing the best real-time messaging service powered by Apache Pulsar.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks. And if you have any suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us.