Free Plan Now In AWS Frankfurt

At Kesque, we use cloud-native technology so we can operate in any major cloud provider. It’s one thing to say to it, but you can see it for yourself.

Now when you sign up for our Free Plan to trial Kesque, you can choose, this one based in AWS. Specifically, this new cluster is located in the AWS Frankfurt region (eu-central-1), rounding out our global reach.

And because geo-replication is a breeze in Kesque, if you have access to multiple clusters and have enabled the worldwide namespace, you can easily send message from one cluster to another.

Geo-replication in action

This video shows how you can use the test clients built into the Kesque dashboard to try out the geo-replication feature.

First, we connect the two clients in different regions (USEAST1-GCP and EUCENTRAL1-AWS) using the same topic name in the worldwide namespace. Messages published in USEAST1-GCP are automatically replicated to all clusters, so the client in EUCENTRAL1-AWS gets the message in real-time. (The USEAST1-GCP client also receives the message, since it is consuming from the topic as well.)

But what about the third cluster, ASIAEAST2-GCP? There was no consumer connected when the messages were published. Plus there were no subscriptions on the topic in that cluster to indicate a consumer is interested in receiving messages on that topic. Does that mean a consumer in ASIAEAST2-GCP missed its chance to receive those messages?

No. Kesque retains messages so they can be replayed even across regions, so this is not a problem. We just have to connect using the read interface, and we can get the messages in the ASIAEAST2-GCP region too.

Interested in a different geographical location or a different cloud provider? Have something else you are looking for in a streaming or queuing system. Let us know. We’d be happy to hear from you.

Photo by Christian Salow on Unsplash