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Triggering a function

Triggering a function is a convenient way to test that the function is working. When you trigger a function, you are publishing a message on the function’s input topic, which triggers the function to run. If the function has an output topic and the function returns data to the output topic, it will be displayed.

To trigger a function:

  1. From the left sidebar menu, select Functions/Manage.
  2. Find the function you would like to delete. You can filter the listed functions by name, runtime, and namespace. Once you find the function, click on the Manage button.
  3. You should now see the details of the function. Click on the Trigger button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The Trigger dialog will show the input and output topics (if applicable) that are configured for the function. Enter some text to send to the function in the Message To Send field.
  5. Click on the Trigger button.
  6. The message and its response (if any) will be displayed in the table below the Trigger button.
  7. To exit, click on the OK or Cancel buttons.
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