The Kesque Story

We are dedicated technology veterans building a world class enterprise-grade yet easy to use messaging service with maximum reliability and performance.

We started with Apache Pulsar® and we are perfecting it.

Customer First

Getting mission critical data from point A to point B with great efficiency is hard. Setting up Apache Pulsar® and cloud infrastructure with enterprise-grade support are also hard. Kesque solves these problems and more. We will always be looking to tackle additional obstacles for our customers. It is in our DNA.

The Latest & Greatest Technology

Although we started with Apache Pulsar®, but we are making it so much better. We continue adding user experiences and state of the art technologies our customers need. We won’t stop until they are fully satisfied.

Easy To Use

User experience is the cornerstone of our business. That is why it only takes seconds to sign up and there’s a free account so you see for yourself all the benefit our service has to offer. Additionally, the dashboard is an invaluable tool for our customers to take full control of their data.

Founder Backgrounds

Chris Bartholomew — Founder & CEO

Chris has been building high-performance pub-sub systems for over a dozen years. His hands-on role has been responsible for many complex systems being deployed in banking, capital markets, and transportation industries. In addition, he has many years of technical experience in the telecom industry data networking equipment running IP, Ethernet, and ATM.

Ming Luo — Founder & Head of Engineering

Ming specializes in designing & implementing real-time, concurrent, and distributed systems. He spent decades at IBM, Ericsson, and Nortel architecting and building robust, scalable, and real-time complex systems. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Technical University of Nova Scotia. He is convinced that Erlang is a beanbag in the world of a big ball of mud.

Contact Us

Question about what Kesque can do for you? A quote on a managed cluster plan? An interesting use case? Want to give us feedback? Fill out the contact from or book a meeting with us.

Made in Ottawa, Canada
U.S. Office Opening Soon!

Billing Questions:

Phone: +1 614 503 7032